Stadium. Mix & Match Delivery.

IMG_1002In NYC, everything you ever wanted can be delivered to your place.  So, it almost surprised me to think that Stadium didn’t exist before.  Stadium is a new meal delivery service that is the next generation of Seamless.  Gone are the days when my boyfriend and I have to agree on what we want to eat.  With Stadium, you can order from several restaurants, and the food will all come at the same time.

Stadium offers lunch and dinner delivery.  For lunch, orders have to be in by 11am.  For dinner, orders have to be in by 5pm.  The good thing is, if you want to, you can submit your orders days in advance.  You pick a delivery time from the set delivery window, and Stadium has a 99% on-time delivery.  The food comes nicely packed in eco-friendly food packaging, and the food arrive steaming hot in their heated delivery bag!

Stadium launched earlier in September, and I see two expansion opportunities for them in the future.  1) Expand menu choice.  The approach at the moment is to offer a limited menu from a curated list of restaurant.  This list may change from time to time.  For someone who appreciate choice, like me, a more expansive menu would be more fun.  Nevertheless, on today’s menu, there are still exciting offering from restaurants like Nomad, CoBa, Nomado 33, and more.  2) Expand delivery area.  Right now, free delivery is available only to addresses between Canal Street and 59th Street in Manhattan.

I tested this service out by ordering from 4 different restaurants for one dinner.  Everything came, and I was able to enjoy a smorgasbord of a dinner including Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes.  On top of it all, there is no delivery fee or tips!  Stadium is a membership service with monthly fee of $19.  But for a limited time, Stadium is offering free lifetime membership!  So, there is no better time to sign up than now!