Cook & Go

IMG_8978Last week, I went to a cooking class with my girlfriend.  Cook & Go Culinary Studio in Chelsea offers a variety of cooking workshops.  In a City where there is a restaurant in every block and delivery is available 24/7, who knew cooking can be so much fun..  You sign up for a three course meal, go cook, and come home to eat your culinary creations.  You also have the option to purchase additional portions in case you may want to share your work with someone.  You arrive and put an apron on, wash your hand, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready for class.  Everyone prepares their own portion, including cutting and mixing of all the ingredients.  The funniest part about the whole class is everyone cuts with a tiny little fruit knife, but I suppose safety first.  Disposable containers are provided to take all the food home.  For example, baking are done in individual portion tin containers.


The class lasted for about 1.5 hours, and home I went to enjoy my delicious dinner.  I selected the Irish menu (it was near St. Patrick’s Day after all).  So, I went home with soda bread, Guinness stew, and Bailey cupcake.  Since there were two baking courses, I have learned the importance of following the recipe to the tee.  It was good however that the instructor was always on hand to rescue any unfortunate attempts.  (Pictured below is the transformation of soda bread from ingredients, to dough, to finished baked yumminess.)


I don’t know if the recipes were just that fantastic, or because I made the meal with my own hands.  All three courses were just absolutely divine!  I just make go back and cook another meal.  Menu changes monthly, so I will have to keep an eye out for another meal that intrigues me.  And just in case I want to try my Irish meal at home, recipes are saved in my Cook & Go account for easy access – though I may be too scared to actually retry baking without that safety net of an instructor.


Pictured finished Guinness Beef Stew and Irish soda bread plated at home to enjoy, and chocolate cupcake topped with Bailey whipped cream.