Peet’s Coffee & Tea @ Magnolia Bakery


New Yorkers love their coffees – there is literally a coffee shop in every corner!  New Yorkers also love their cupcakes – easily observed based on how many cupcake bakeries there are.  So, it’s welcoming news when Magnolia (yours truly’s favorite cupcake joint) announced that they will bring onboard some best in class coffees to complement their already delicious cupcake creations!  You may have noticed that since mid-October, Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been served at all Magnolia locations.  Peet’s isn’t a popular brand here in the City, but it’s huge on the west coast – and it’s a great addition to the NYC coffee scene.  For all you west coast transplants, I’m sure you’re excited about this news!  Allow me to tell you a little more about Peet’s – they are huge coffee producer that’s expanding nationally.  But in their heart, they are a small coffee roastry.  They still roast each batch with tender loving care, one small batch at a time.  Actually, this is what attracted Magnolia to propose this partnership – both brands take pride in their crafts.  Both brands take care to make each batch of their products. Magnolia hand-make their cupcakes in small batches, and Peet’s hand-roast their coffee in small batches.  Both brands are committed to bring the highest quality fresh products to their patrons.  This is something that’s rare in a national chain (yes, our beloved Magnolia actually have locations outside our fair City and is quickly expanding nationwide) – so it’s something like a match in heaven.
imageAs preparation, Peet’s sent trainers to NYC to train all the Magnolia staff on the finer points of coffee.  The Magnolia staff are clearly on a caffeine high – sampling all the latest handcrafted espresso, coffee, and tea beverage creations from Peet’s.  The entire line from Peet’s will be available at Magnolia, including seasonal creations!
Now – to celebrate the partnership, there is a limited edition cupcake.  Let me tell you, if you love coffee and cupcake, you need to run out to a Magnolia and get one before they are gone!  You have to try the Double Shot Cupcake.  It’s a co-creation between Magnolia and Peet’s.  It’s a vanilla / chocolate marble cake, topped with espresso buttercream made with Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend.  Expectedly, this little cupcake pairs perfectly with the Major Dickason’s Blend drip coffee – which also happens to be Peet’s best selling blend.  This dark roast coffee brings out the cupcake’s mocha notes, and complements the rich buttercream.
imageOf course, when talking about coffee, one has to mention coffee cakes!  The Magnolia team offers a Coffee Cake Pecan muffin, layered with cinnamon sugar, pecans and more.  The Peet’s team suggests pairing this coffee cake with a Vanilla Latte, made with velvety steamed milk that coats every bite of the cake.
Finally, onto my personal favorite – pumpkin!  This is fall, and I cannot not talk about pumpkin!  For this season, Magnolia brings to the table a pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust.  Try it with an Americano, which cuts through the richness of the cheesecake.

But really, with the experts at Magnolia and Peet’s, you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu.  So, go ahead and treat yourself to a sweet or a coffee.

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