Noodle Lunch as a Juror

So, I’ve lived in many states.  New York is the only one that caught up to me.  I finally fulfilled my civic duty of serving jury duty.

It wasn’t that bad actually.  It’s actually quite relaxing in comparison to the hectic office.  I almost want to do it again – almost.  Prior to serving, I consulted with my co-workers on how to best handle the day.  And to my horror, I heard of tales of eating at Subway because they didn’t know where would be a good place to get lunch.

Manhattan courts are right by Chinatown, so I made it my mission to not eat lunch at Subway.  And I succeeded.

159My suggestion for some grub is H.K. Wonton Garden.  It’s a couple blocks away, so the place won’t be instantly filled with all your fellow jurors once the court let you out for lunch.  The menu is expansive and the service is fast.  (Of course, you can always order take out and enjoy at the sun-filled Juror’s Lounge.)  The food is delicious and authentic.  The only downside is that the menu is very expansive, and you could take a lot of time just to look through it.  If you want to be in-and-out, let me suggest that you stick with the first page and order a noodle soup.  It’s prepared at the soup station out front – fresh, fast, and tasty.  Some of my favorites are Cantonese dumpling with noodles, or chives & pork dumpling with noodles.  If you’re opened to a different cut of meat, try my personal favorite of beef tendons & beef stew with noodles.  It’s full of flavors!  Almost all the choices on the first page can be combo’ed with wanton, which leads to the second page of combination noodles.  But if you’re rushed for time, just stick with the first page.  When ordering, you’ll need to specify the type of noodles you want.  I’m a fan of wide rice noodles.  (Of course, H.K. Wonton Garden is also great for dinner.  Very affordable, and like I said, the menu is expansive.  There is a lot of very tasty choices – many under $10!)

161And if you have time, and I’d suggest that you make time, stop by next door for a sweet treat.  Lung Moon Bakery has some of the best egg tarts in the city.  Always fresh, and it’s only 80 cents!  What can you get in  this City for 80 cents?

So, if the City calls upon you to play a role in our justice system, you won’t have to pay the penalty of having to eat Subway for lunch (unless you really are jonsing for a Subway sandwich)…



H.K. Wanton Garden

79 Mulberry St (between Walker St & Canal St)
(212) 349-1495

Lung Moon Bakery

81 Mulberry St (between Bayard St & Canal St)
(212) 349-4945