King Kava–a drink fit for NYers

009So, recently, I discovered a drink that’s home grown right here in NYC.  And it’s really the perfect drink for New Yorkers.  It’s made with all natural organic ingredients – to help you relax without putting you to sleep!   How cool is that!  I can personally attest to this.  I was having a stressful day, and somehow, as I sip this drink, my stress just seemed to melt away.  Maybe it’s the improving weather, but just maybe, it’s the kava!

King Kava is currently available in two flavors (mint lemon and ginger citrus) in specialty retailers, like Whole Foods, around the City.  This drink has gathered a strong following, and is now available nationwide online.  I had the chance to catch up with one of the founders behind this awesome drink!

Did you worry that American’s won’t accept kava, the key ingredient in your drinks? I am confident that there is a large market for kava in the United States, the difficult part is getting the right execution of a product with kava.

Your tea is flavored, how many recipes did you go through before landing on the final flavors?   How much time did it take for you to develop your current flavors? We have probably tried like 100 different flavors! It took a lot of time to experiment with different ingredients and ideas before we got the flavors we have today. We have a bunch of great recipes that we are developing to be our next flavors.

001Why flavor your tea?  What is the natural taste of kava?  Is it ever enjoyed naturally, maybe aboard? Kava has a really earthy, muddy taste. It is traditionally enjoyed totally unflavored. We plan to release an unflavored kava product sometime this summer (hopefully.)

What are some of the most common questions you get from the shoppers? A lot of people are concerned kava will make it hard for them to work/make them too tired, but even though kava helps fight stress and anxiety it won’t really make you tired.

Do you recommend kava tea with food, or simply enjoy alone? I think kava is best by itself, but it can also make a refreshing accompaniment to a meal!

How long before we can see the new flavors on shelf? Hopefully we will be able to release some new flavors in mid June or so!

We can’t wait!  Learn more about King Kava at  King Kava can be found in specialty retailers around the City.