Tour the Royal Factory of Wafels & Dinges

123Okay.  You’ve seen the trucks and the carts.  You’ve tasted their waffles.  But, have you ever been curious about where do all these trucks, carts, and waffles come from?  Well, wonder no more.

I toured Wafels & Dinges commissary where waffle dough is born (pictured on left).   You can tour the commissary too, read on!

So, you’ve seen the truck out bright and early.  You’ve also seen the truck out late in the wee hours.  So, that means, all the trucks have to be cleaned, repaired, and restocked overnight.  This food truck business is a 24 hour operation!   It’s amazing to learn how complex the operations is behind what seems to be a simple food truck!

The commissary is divided roughly into four parts.

  1. Office
  2. Car (truck) wash
  3. Storage
  4. Kitchen

If you’re a fan of the trucks, you should definitely check out this tour.  Did you know that the Wafels & Dinges really have a relationship with the Ministry of Culinary Affairs in Belgium? It is Wafels & Dinges’ job to bring real Belgium waffles to America. So, you know you can get the real deal at their trucks – and soon, their café (but that’s another post.  I get ahead of myself…).  When they started, they imported everything from Belgium.  Today, almost all of their ingredients are made right here in Brooklyn, NY, with few exceptions.  One of which is white pearl sugar made from beet – which are not yet available in the US.  So, they import them still from Belgium.  This is the secret to the sweet yumminess of their waffles.  If they used other sugar, it’ll burn.  But because these pearl sugar doesn’t melt easily, it gives the waffles their caramelized color and a bit of crunch.

If you take this tour, you’ll get to tour the kitchen, and get an insider’s look at how they make their dough.  You’ve tried the Brussels and the Liege waffles, and you know there is a difference.  It’s made from a different dough.  And the Liege dough needs to be made with a specific machine that doesn’t just mix in a circular motion, but mix in a scooping motion.  You’ll also get to put your hands on a waffle iron.  Be careful though, it’s really heavy!  I tried handling one, and promptly gave it back for fear of dropping it on my feet.  They have to lock these waffling iron down in the truck when they’re not parked!  Or it’d all just come crumbling down as they drive down the streets!

The tour was really a lot of fun!  To join a tour, all you have to do is to email  These tours typically happen on Saturdays in the afternoon.  For $8, you get to tour their 6000 square feet commissary, and do a waffle sampling.  They also have a cute little gift shop corner, so you can pick up some pearl sugar, spekuloo spread, or a t-shirt!  The tour lasts approximately an hour.  It’s about a 10 minutes walk from Atlantic Terminal.  Therefore, you could easily combo this tour with a shopping trip to the mall or a movie at BAM for a fun afternoon out to Brooklyn.  That is, if internationally acclaimed waffle isn’t reasons enough…

Wafels & Dinges Headquarters
264 Butler St,  Brooklyn, NY 11217


Caption (left to right, top to bottom):  Pearl sugar, storage area, really heavy waffle iron, car wash, Liege dough mixing machine, kitchen, cart with office in the background