Sunday Brunch at Maison Kayser

119 copySunday morning (okay, it may be technically afternoon) is really the perfect time for brunch.  Brunch is by far my favorite meal – just because it’s typically a weekend only occasion.  Today, I revisited a neighborhood favorite – Maison Kayser.  This boulangerie (bakery) may be less than a year old.  But if you come here during prime brunch time, you will observe a rather long line.  Since we got a late start at 2pm, we were sat promptly.  The French may have a reputation for being rude, but that’s certainly not a worry here.  The team of servers, dressed in their cute stripped uniform, is always attentive and helpful.

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The Upper East Side location of Maison Kayser is Eric Kayser’s first foray onto the American shore.  But it sure isn’t his time at the rodeo.  There are over 80 Maison Kayser locations worldwide, with 18 in Paris.  Because of some specific way the French defines boulangerie, each site bakes its bread on-site daily.  So, you know you’re getting top-notch quality bread here.

Brunch here is simple, but done well.  A simple plate of ham and egg is divine.  It isn’t hard to understand why.  If you have good quality fresh food, it’s going to taste good as long as you don’t mess it up during the cooking.  As you may have guessed, every item is served with their freshly baked bread.If you want to catch a glimpse of this baking action, check out the back of the café.

007 copyThere are essentially three major groups of food items on the brunch menu:  Tartine (open face sandwich), Cocotte (casserole), and Assiette (platter).  Of course, there are numerous pastry and dessert items available.  Pastry and dessert items are also available for grab-and-go purchase at their bakery.  It may be obvious, given that it’s a French bakery, but the croissant is definitely worth trying.  Maison Kayser’s brunch offering is completed with a full coffee and tea program.  Coffee here is served the French way – with a min-madeleine cookie.  The café is really cute.  So, I’d definitely recommend going in for a coffee and relax (maybe with a pastry).  But, if you’re are in a rush, their coffee can be conveniently ordered to go at their walk-in window.



Maison Kayser
1294 3rd Ave at 74th St
(212) 744-3100