Cooking Classes Around the City

imageNow, I’m all for eating out.  But it’s extremely disappointing when the food doesn’t match my expectations.  I recently had this exact experience.  I visited a highly recommended Thai restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen only to realize that it wasn’t that great after all…

So, I actually went home and made curry the weekend after.  It tasted delicious Smile

Now, I know you’re just dying to have me share my recipe here.  But what fun is that?  I’m no master chef, so there is really no reason to learn from me.  Instead, may I suggest a cooking class?  New York City is filled with chefs who are ready to share their talent.  Cooking classes are hosted at lofts, cooking schools, and even real-life working restaurants!  (Haha, if there is a dinner rush, stand back and watch the masters work!)

Here are a few upcoming classes I found on, check them out!

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