001Okay, this tip is OBVIOUS.  But I feel like it’s definitely still worth mentioning.  Groupons!

Not all city has the benefit of having a restaurant every 10 feet.  In New York City, however, the competition is intense.  Enters Groupon.

But not all Groupons are created equal.  Soooo many bad restaurant experiences can be traced back to a Groupon.  So, the trick is buy only good Groupons.  Luckily, Groupon has conveniently built in Yelp reviews right on the site.  Tip #1 – don’t buy deals from places with bad review.

Also, don’t forget to read the fine print.  Sometimes reservations are required, and that can be annoying if you’re looking for a place to eat this weekend.  Tip #2:  Read the fine print, and avoid anything that just doesn’t feel right.

Tip #3 – accept the fact that you’re getting a deal.  Many people feel like they are getting inferior treatment because of the Groupon, which I feel like probably is imagined because some people feel slightly cheap about using a Groupon.  I, however, have no shame about getting a deal.  There have been cases where you have to request a special Groupon menu, and some people don’t like that too much.  I say, hey, give me the menu that has the cheap and still yummy food.  Bring it on!

By the way, to check for Groupons on the go, get the app: